In search of Go IDE

One of the early day complaints about Go (after lack of Generics shhh…) is unavailability of a proper IDE. But as time passes, different projects emerged to offer a good coding experience for Go, ranging from basic features like syntax highlighting to wholesale features like intellisense and code refactoring. The following are my experiences with different Go IDEs. A moment of appreciation for gocode and its creator. The project was the beginning of the end of Go’s lack of IDE criticism. »

Go and Inheritance

Inheritance is an essential feature in many programming languages and trying to imagine the absence of it will bring up many thoughts, including code repetition. It is interesting that the few times I have had a discussion with someone not comfortable with the lack of inheritance in Go, code repetition has been their issue. The issue is not the lack of inheritance, the issue is they are used to having inheritance. »

Moving to Hugo

It is only a matter of time before I create a static blog. If not for anything, writing in Markdown is more comfortable for a coder. There are many static sites generator but the one I fell in love with is Hugo probably because of my bias for Go ;). Hopefully, it will influence my blogging frequency. Hosting on App Engine Go is dead simple to create a file server and a line of code like this http. »